the product

The general process is one where we work closely with clients, architects and designers. Together with these parties we shape design ideas to a product that can be cut by a CNC operated foam cutting machine. Please check the small video we have made to illustrate.

After the foam is cut to the agreed specifications we can start coating it with the COAT14 silicone based coating. With this process the coating will be manually applied to the open structured foam piece to create a mechanical adhesion to the foam.

This coating will seal the foam and create a flexible and soft leather like skin.

After coating the product is ready to ship where ever its wanted.

Due to the this rather simple process with only two main ingredients we will be able to manufacture custom made products against economic prices, with relatively short lead times.

the sustainability

COAT14 consists of silicon. The raw material for Silicon is sand. Sand is ready available on the surface of the earth, therefore we dont need to drill deep into the ground to source it like for example with petrochemical based coatings like Polyurethane for example. The delving of the raw material is less taxing on natural recourses.

That means that the production of silicon need less water, raw material and energy compared to PU and PVC products

material properties

The COAT14 coating consists of Silicon. This material has some great property’s like for example:

  • There are very few chemicals that have an effect on the chemical binging of the silicon molecules. That means hardly any material will stick to silicon. Even ballpoint markings can be easily removed from the COAT14 coating.
  • Very cold and heat resistant. The silicon molecules are stable between -50 and +300 degrees Celsius. Many kitchen products like cake molds and ice cube holders are made of silicon.
  • Silicon is a very skin friendly product. Most cosmetics like skin creams, lipstick etc. contain silicon.
  • Silicon is UV durable
  • The silicon is recyclable
  • The tactility of COAT14 is very pleasant, its soft and highly flexible.
  • For the coating process no VOC’s are being used.
  • Minor damages can be repaired on location.
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